Email Marketing                   

LeadSense thrust is on  Permission Marketing and Compliance. All the email list we have are Opt- in and we send mailers once every week so that the subscribers are not over dozed with Mailers and at the same time the Advertiser performance improves and attains ROI. The Mailers are targeted according to campaigns like Health, Finance, Travel, Gaming, Apparels, Daily Deals Coupons, Forex, Weightloss,dating in B2C and also we can run B2B campaigns where we can target users based on the industry,designation.We can also target demographically like Age, Gender, Medical Ailments, Marital Status, Children Age Group, Language and Interest.


In-Display Video Ads In-display video is any video ad served outside of video or in-app streaming content. Various terms have been used to define in-display video, including:

• In-banner video
• In-page video
• Rich media (banner with video)
• Video interstitial
• Incentivized video

These different forms of in-display video may be served into a display ad placement that may or may not use a player to receive and execute the ad. The key difference between in-stream and in-display video ads is that in-display video ads leverage the existence of standard display ad units to deliver a video experience as opposed to another static or rich media format. These in-display video ads are not the focus of the page and not rendered in a prominent player.

Digital Video Ad Formats Overview The content in this section is copied from the IAB 2014 version of the Digital Video InStream Ad Metric Definitions, section 1.3. We break digital video ads down into two different formats: linear and nonlinear. Either format may include a “companion” banner ad that displays outside the player. Each format is described below. Linear video ads are the ads, typically in video format, that interrupt streaming video content much like a TV commercial. 

Targeting device

Many Platforms  targeting Android, IOs is very poor in their accuracy where we ensure the targeting is 100% accurate with the robust platform developed in-house.

Fraud Detection

Mobile Fraud Detection for ios and Android,Preventing Non Human or suspicious traffic,Targeting Campaigns away from infected and  bots in real time. We have regular Maware scanning and real time reports sent ny Media Trust and also Pixalate to ensure the  websites where our impressions are served is safe and also the users engaged are not affected / infected by malicious/ malware

Native Advertising

Native advertising is a concept encompassing both an aspiration as well as a suite of ad products. It is clear that most advertisers and publishers aspire to deliver paid ads that are so cohesive with the page content, assimilated into the design, and consistent with the platform behavior that the viewer simply feels that they belong. To achieve this, advertisers deploy tactical ad products, and the IAB Native Task Force has identified the six categories of ad unit types most commonly used today in pursuit of this goal.

 The hybrid Performance model we have is CPA targeted CPM campaigns.

We do not practice unsolicited electronic message and in compliance with all the flowing laws.

  1. The Australian Spam Act 2003 is enforced by the Australian Communications and Media Authority
  2. The "Canada Anti-Spam Law" (CASL) went into effect on July 1, 2014
  3. European Union (EU) Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications. Article 13
  4. The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 of the USA

They can play before (pre-roll), during (mid-roll), or after (post-roll) the streaming content. Linear ad formats can be accompanied by a companion ad, or they can include an interactive component. Nonlinear video ads are typically served as images that “overlay” the video content.

The ad runs concurrently with the streaming content so the user sees the ad while also viewing the content without interruption. Ideally, the nonlinear video ad is small enough to allow a relatively unobstructed view of the content.

Nonlinear video ads can be delivered as text, static images, interactive rich media, or as video overlays. Typically, a nonlinear video ad developer can take advantage of the medium and use the small overlay as an invitation for consumers to further engage with a more robust set of interactions.

As with Linear ads, nonlinear ads can be served with companion ads. Companion ads are ads that are served along with linear or nonlinear ads in the form of text, static image display ads, rich media, or skins that wrap around the video experience. These ads come in a number of sizes and shapes and typically run alongside, or surrounding, the video player.

The primary purpose of the companion ad is to offer sustained visibility of the sponsor throughout the streaming video experience. Digital video companion ads are always served with a master ad, which is either the linear or nonlinear ad.

Non-Incent Targeting

LeadSense believes in grabbing eye balls of those who can engage with similar product and download the apps and not to force or deceive a user to install. We are very clear about working with non -incentivised traffic.


Low Quality Fraudulant ads like Malware POP up  and Unders, Hidden ads,  Tool Bar Injection are served in Masked sites

Fraudulant sites are masked as Premium sites and the impressions are labelled as premium inventory

A bidder is deceived with such low pricing for such premium publishers and buys the low quality inventory and  also invites ads like Malware POP up  and Unders, Hidden ads,  Tool Bar Injection. Buyer ends up with low quality impression which do not perform.